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Our history

B. Atkins & Co. was originally founded in the early 1920’s in Cape Town, South Africa by Benjamin Atkins, an entrepreneur who had vision, perseverance and courage. In 1997, with similar entrepreneurial spirit, Clive Zickel, Benjamin Atkins’ grandson , together with his wife Margaret, founded B. Atkins & Co. (USA). Their idea was to create a company that would seek out the finest artisan made frozen dessert products in the United States and Overseas, and supply them to the best restaurants in the New York area. A meticulous and discrimnating search led them to a small manufacturer of gourmet gelato and sorbet in Michigan who made the best ice cream they had ever tasted and they obtained distribution rights to "Palazzolo’s Gourmet Ice Cream". Palazzolo's Gelato and Sorbet is now found in many of the best restaurants, hotels, caterers and country clubs on Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area, the Eastern Seaboard and most recently Los Angeles. In 2004, he sold the ice cream business and since then participated as a co-founder/investor,CFO/advisor in a number of startups including Open Blue Sea Farms, fin fish farming company that grows cobia in geodesic domes in the deep pristine waters off the coast of Panama; Open Blue is now the largest sustainable fish farming company in the world, and it's cobia fish is found in many of the finest restaurants which serve excellent fish and seafood; and Magnetecs Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of  robotic Catheter Guidance Control and Imaging  systems for minimally invasive medical procedures. The system’s electromagnetic array consists of eight electromagnets in a unique configuration for intelligent guidance of a magnetically-tipped catheter, enabling a physician to precisely and consistently control surgical tools in highly dynamic or previously inaccessible environments while enhancing both the physician’s dexterity and the patient’s safety. The company has won CE Mark and has installed four systems in Europe and South East Asia.

Over the many years strong relationships have established with manufacturers, distributors, retailers, restaurants of foods and beverages and with bankers, financiers and investors. These from the perspective as entrepreneur running his own business, advisor or investor in various start up businesses, and previously as an executive at one of the top US Banks.

Now, B. Atkins & Co is focusing attention on what it does best. Advising start-ups and early stage companies that have unique and scalable solutions to business, environmental and social problems and focuses only on companies that can make a difference while at the same time generating superior returns. 

For further information and business inquiries please email clive@batkinsco.com